MBA courses in Abroad and the complete Polish education system provide world class education and high standards. Universities in Poland provide modern management knowledge. MBA graduates from Poland are working all over the world and are doing well in a career. The managerial game is strong, you have to prepare budgets, manage salesand marketing, manage projects and manage staff.

Universities in Poland provide students the best quality of education which helps them to understand business, teamwork and how to manage projects to easily achieve the goals set by the organization. Students are choosing European countries for their higher education. Poland is one of the best options to choose if you want to study in Europe. An MBA course in Poland will provide international exposure to the students. Students from different countries come to Poland to gain experience and learn about a new culture. The vast group of students would help build contacts in various countries. In Social meets, a student gets lots of opportunities to evolve with other students and alumni. Successful international Entrepreneurs share their stories of success with students to inspire them. The reach that MBA outside India provide is unmatchable. MBA in Poland will add an edge to a student’s resume which will take their career to another level.


Only a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree holder is eligible to take admission in MBA. Eligibility also depends on what form of MBA do you want to apply for, if it is EMBA, then a student needs work experience of a few years, but if a student wants to apply for the regular MBA then no work experience is required.


Executive MBA MBA
It is for people who have work experience of years and want to enhance their skills for the existing business. This type of MBA is for the students who have less work experience and want to start withnew roles in the business area.
It is not a full time course since an EMBA student would have an engaging life which can’t be left behind. It is a full time course since a student needs time and concentration to understand the new concepts.
This focuses on business strategies. This concentrates on topics like finances and marketing


  • No entrance exam required to take admission.
  • The duration of the MBA course is less than, if compared with other universities in European Union.
  • The faculty of Business in MBA universities is experienced and provide students the world class education.
  • The syllabus in Poland matches the level of other countries like UK, US etc. to maintain the standards of the curriculum.
  • Studying MBA in Europe will definitely help students to secure their future.
  • There is a demand of MBA all around the world to run the organizations successfully.
  • Spending money to study MBA in Poland is completely worth it.
  • There are around 16 MBA programs taught in English.
  • No need to learn Polish if you want study MBA in Poland.
  • Professors in Poland universities are from the United States and Western Europe.


  • English speaking ability and accents are not of good quality, making it troublesome for the students to get it.
  • The students need to learn the local dialect as an extra subject.


The local dialect of Poland is Polish, which is obviously hard to learn but not impossible. If a student wish to learn Polish in order to communicate fluently with locals because the accent could be a problem, then it is a great idea, just go for it. A student need not to worry if he/she is not willing to learn the language since MBA courses in Poland are taught in English.


While there are several religious groups in Poland, but the major part of its population is the believer of Christianity. The biggest followers belong to Roman Catholic Church having 87.5 percent recognized like Roman Catholic. In line with Catholic Church facts, 36.7 percent of Polish Catholic supporters are presented in church offerings on Sundays.


Poland is in the top 20 of the most secure nations on earth. Guests of the nation never confronted any genuine dangers amid their stay. In any case, pickpocketing, insignificant burglaries, sack grabbing, cheat and ATM tricks are conceivable.
For the most part, the zones in Poland with the most noteworthy wrongdoing rate are West Pomeranian, Lubusz, Lower Silesian, Silesian.

Notwithstanding the wrongdoing rate is moderately high, it doesn’t imply that these locales of Poland are risky. That just implies that you ought to be particularly cautious while going to these parts of the nation


Zloty is the currency in Poland.
1 Polish Zloty = 19.13 Indian Rupee


The applicants who are not residents of any European country yet still want to visit and study in Europe ought to settle on a visa. Joined with the visa, if the length of the course is over ninety days as it happens with a substantial bit of the students who want to complete a whole educational year or significantly the whole MBBS term in Europe, students ought to moreover pick the stay permit that empowers you to live in the appointed country for a period of one whole year.

As an issue of first significance, the student must download the application form from the web and fill it absolutely and truly. The checked-application outline must be trailed by other necessary reports, gave before long at the workplace/government office or the operator of the country you are mean to study in.


  • Every international student needs to hold a Residence Card to reside in Poland.
  • Students who belong to European Union needs to hold Residence Card to legitimize their stay in Poland.
  • International students who are not from the European Union have to apply for a Residence Card before one year after moving.

*Students are suggested to apply for the Residence card before their Visa expires.



The price of houses for student depends on university to university. Usually a dormitory cost around EUR 60 per month, shared room for EUR 100 (single room). The standard obviously varies, so it’s better to research before booking one for yourself. All you need is helpful and friendly atmosphere to blend in the host country.


Renting a room in Poland is too main-stream. You can share a flat with your friends those who are out of town. Also, cost depends on the location, quality and size of the flat and it differ between cities. It would cost you around EUR 150. Even if you don’t anyone to share the flat, then you can share with local people maybe. Since they are not dangerous and you will make some new friends. If you are not comfortable to share flat with the locals or strangers, then you have an option to rent a single room flat. It will cost you around EUR 300.


You can pay for your course by doing part-time jobs while you are studying. Since international have all the right to work when pursuing under-graduation in Poland, but only as long as you are part of the university.
All the students who are enrolled in the universities are allowed to work, also who have moved to Poland for first time, students those who are in the first year of the course are also allowed to work.
20hrs work permit during education and 3 months of permanent work in holidays.
Permanent work is allowed for those who hold Residence Card in Poland.


The kind of food you would get there which also includes Indian food since there arelotst of Indian Restaurants in Poland, which will make you feel like home cooked food for sure. So, don’t hesitate to pack your bags and fly.

  • Large variety of soups.
  • Golabki
  • Bigos
  • Pierogi
  • Kielbasa
  • Plack
  • Zapiekanki
  • Sernik, a Dessert.
  • All types of Indian dishes in the Indian Restaurants.



If you want to discover Poland then you can hike along with cycle. But you also need to make some preparations before you start. It is one of the most popular leisure in Poland nowadays.
You can even take a bicycle in buses if the driver allows since there is a some space especially for the bicycles. Wearing a helmet is compulsory.


If you use car for traveling, then you have to follow the local rules for public roads since driving rules differ from other European countries.


Poland has a developed Rail network, which makes easy to reach places by train.
Trains also run between cities and people can commute to the smaller place by fast trains. Prices will be available on the internet.


Famous cities you can explore in Poland are Warsaw, Kraków, Lódz, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk and Szczecin.


Locals are interested to know international visitors
Poland locals are interested to get along well with international visitors. They are curious to learn about different cultures.

Shake hands 
Shake hands while introducing yourself to others. Do it with the right hand. They find it rude if someone does it wearing a glove.

Private Questions
Polish are curious to know every little detail, so stay confident and positive.
They might ask you some personal questions.

Bruderszaft, a friendly toast
It is a friendly toast, after which locals address you with your first name, and turning down would be considered as an insult. The relationship gets stronger after this ceremony. Bruderszaft is raising toasts with the arms interlocked at the same time.


  1. Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 374.05 Rs
  2. Meal for 2 People 1,870.23 Rs at Mid-range Restaurant
  3. Cappuccino (regular) 144.73 Rs
  4. Coke/Pepsi 69.89 Rs
  5. Water (bottle) 52.56 Rs
  1. Tomato (Per Kg)93.78 Rs
  2. Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro)280.53 Rs
  3. Imported Beer (0.33 litre bottle)75.21 Rs
  4. Tomato (Per Kg)93.78 Rs
  5. White Bread (500g)50.24 Rs
  6. Rice (Per Kg)59.36 Rs
  7. Oranges (Per Kg)84.24 Rs
  8. Domestic Beer (0.5 litre bottle)55.89 Rs
  9. Onion (Per Kg)36.48 Rs
  10. Cheese (Per Kg)403.48 Rs
  11. Chicken (Per Kg) 289.27 Rs
  12. Milk (1 litre)44.20 Rs
  13. Eggs (12)125.02 Rs
  14. Banana (Per Kg)79.34 Rs
  15. Tomato (Per Kg)93.78 Rs
  16. Potato (Per Kg)30.29 Rs
  17. Apples (Per Kg) 50.16 Rs
  18. Lettuce (Per head)52.48 Rs Water (1.5 litre bottle) 33.53 Rs
  19. Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range)374.05 Rs
    1. Mobile Tariff Prepaid 4.59 Rs Per min
    2. Taxi Per km 44.89 Rs
    3. Basic (Heating, Electricity, Cooling, Garbage, Water) for Apartment 11,643.20 Rs
    4. Gasoline (Per litre) 85.77 Rs Utilities (Monthly)
    5. Internet 900.35 Rs
    6. Monthly Pass (Regular)1,851.53 Rs
    7. Taxi (Normal)130.92 Rs
    8. Taxi Per hour Waiting 654.58 Rs
    9. Cinema, International Release, Per Seat 467.56 Rs
    10. Ticket (Local Transport)59.85 Rs
    11. Fitness Club, Sports & Leisure Monthly Fee 2,011.99 Rs
    12. Monthly Rent Apartment (1 bedroom) 25,115.60 Rs
    13. Apartment (3 BHK) Outside of town 40,372.87 Rs
    14. Apartment (3 BHK) in the town 53,466.41 Rs

Clothing & Shoes

  • Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) 4,897.72 Rs
  • Men Leather Business Shoes 5,488.35 Rs
  • Summer Dress (Zara, H&M, …) 2,450.63 Rs
  • Running Shoes 5,029.45 Rs
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