MBBS in Philippines is one of the best and most preferred destinations for students from India to study medicine from. It provides the perfect blend of theoretical and practical education which enables the students to become successful practitioners. Universities like AMA School of Medicine, Our Lady of Fatima University, University of Perpetual Help are best for Indian students. MBBS in Philippines fees comes to be between ₹15-25 lakh.

Fees form a major part of the expenses one has to bear when it comes to studying MBBS in abroad. However, one should see this as an investment in their future. If you are looking for a college with very low fees, below ₹10 Lakh, then the Philippines is not for you as such colleges do not provide good quality education and have poor infrastructure. The student will have to make lots of compromises, such as learning a new language, adjusting to extreme climatic conditions, get a poor or average education, no practical exposure, no Indian food, etc. Therefore, selecting a college with very low fees might seem fancy at first but is filled with many disadvantages.

Name of College Total College Fees in ₹ (Approx.)
AMA School of Medicine, Makati Campus, Metro Manila 15,62,500
University of Perpetual Help 18,12,500
Angeles University Foundation 20,15,000
Our Lady of Fatima University 23,14,000
Medical School Foundation


The fees for medical colleges for MBBS in Philippine is affordable for Indian students. The quality of education is of the highest order in medical colleges in the Philippines. It is the perfect Return on Investment.

MBBS College Fees = Investment in the future of the student 

Affordable Fees Especially Tailored for Indian Students

The medical colleges in the Philippines have kept their fees low and provide students with the luxury to pay the fees in yearly instalments, making medical education here very affordable. The total tuition fees for most universities in the Philippines is equal to 1 year of fees in a private college in India.

The MBBS in Philippines degree is called BS-MD. This is in the case of a student who is going to the Philippines after class 12th. BS or the pre-medical course will be taught for approximately 2 years from 2018 session onwards. Then the student studies 4 years of MD or the medical course which is divided into 3 years of theoretical learning and 1 year of internship/clinical rotation. The students have to appear for an NMAT test. The student will get 4 attempts for this test while studying the BS course and the students will be provided with the study material upon their arrival in the Philippines. This test is to be cleared once in order to get admission in the MD course. You can get the NMAT sample paper too through us. From 2018 session onwards, the total duration MBBS course in the Philippines will be 6 years.

Apart from the cost of education (tuition fees), the obvious expenses are those made on accommodation, food, visa extension, books and travelling. Students get Indian veg food at reasonable price. Students can choose from Veg, Non-veg, Jain, Chinese, Rajasthani food as all are available to them.


MBBS in Philippines Review

There are many advantages of studying MBBS in the Philippines:

1. Low tuition fees paid in instalments & affordable cost of living
2. English medium education, no need to learn any new language
3. 3rd largest English speaking country– MBBS in Philippines
4. Indian veg food, Gujarati, Jain, South Indian food cooked by Indian chefs available at low cost
5. US Pattern of education which helps students who wish to give USMLE
6. Strict rules which mean that the students will have to study. This is a relief for parents as they can be assured that their child will be studying.
7. Awesome weather! You will fall in love with it. Similar to the weather of Mumbai/Kolkata.
8. Focus on developing the practical skills & knowledge of the students.
9. Final year is full clinical rotation
10. Higher FMGE passing percentage than Russia, China, Ukraine, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan (2012-14).
11. During 2012-13 to 2016-17. MBBS in Philippines had the 2nd highest MCI Passing Percentage (minimum 900 students).
12. Problem-based learning methodology
13. Focus on developing practical skills of the students.
14. 6-year course with one-year internship/clinical rotation- MBBS in Philippines
15. Gateway to the USA– give USMLE and go to the USA for PG and for practice
16. One of the highest MCI Screening Test passing percentage

MBBS in Philippines = 24.6% MCI Screening Test Passing Percentage

MBBS in Philippines After Graduation

The Philippines offers a 4-year MBBS course to those who have already finished graduation in India. The student not only saves 1-2 years of his/her life but also saves money that would have been otherwise spent on college fees, accommodation, food, travelling, etc. MBBS in Philippines offers subsidised fee structure (mentioned below on this page) for students who have already completed degrees such as B.Sc, BAMS, B.Pharma to name a few. Contact Education House for admission for MBBS in the Philippines.

 Know more about MBBS after Graduation

Post-Graduation in USA after MBBS in Philippines

After completing MBBS in Philippines, the student is eligible to do his/her post-graduation from the USA. Since the medical universities in the Philippines follow US pattern, students find it easier to crack the USMLE exam which is the test that the student has to qualify (Step 1 and 2) while studying MBBS in Philippines. After successfully passing USMLE Step 2, the student may have the opportunity to go for his higher studies in the US. After clearing USMLE Step-3, the student has the opportunity to practice in the USA.

MBBS in the Philippines = Gateway to the USA

MBBS in Philippines video- Education, Language, NMAT exam & attempts, Climate, MCI Screening Test, and much more

MBBS in Philippines video: BS-MD Course, Education Pattern in the Philippines- American System, Food, and much more

Services by Education House  for MBBS in Philippines

Education House Medical Foundation is the best and top consultancy for sending students for MBBS in the Philippines and represents some of the top-ranked universities in the island nation of the Philippines. We have sent more than 100 students to various colleges in the Philippines for medical studies. You can always trust the advice and guidance of Education House Medical Foundation. We have our own office in Manila, the Philippines and we help students during their stay in abroad. We provide the following services to the students and their parents for MBBS in the Philippines:

  1. Guidance and advice for selecting the best college to the satisfaction of the student.
  2. Applying for the admission letter and filling of application form.
  3. Helping students complete the documents required to apply for Visa.
  4. Visa, Apostle, Document authentication, Red-ribbon process.
  5. Mock Interview: Preparing the students for Visa interview.
  6. Helping students complete the admission process.
  7. Help in arranging for foreign exchange.
  8. Help in arranging for air-tickets
  9. Sending students in batches/groups from the airport.
  10. Airport drop in Delhi.
  11. Airport pick-up by Education House Medical Foundation’s office in the Philippines.
  12. Help in completing the admission process in the Philippines.
  13. 5 to 6 year support to the student in the Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for studying MBBS in Philippines is fairly simple and straightforward.

For undergraduate medical program BS-MD (equivalent to MBBS in India):

After class XII or Higher Senior Secondary–

A minimum aggregate of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The student must have passed all subjects and English is a compulsory subject.

For students belonging to SC/ST or OBC- A minimum aggregate of 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The student must have passed all subjects and English is a compulsory subject.

All students who wish to study MBBS in any country in abroad have to qualify NEET from 2018 onwards to be eligible to sit for the screening/licensing exam.


MBBS in Philippines Fees for Indian Students

Name of College Total College Fees (₹)
AMA School of Medicine, Makati Campus, Metro Manila 15,62,500
University of Perpetual Help 18,12,500
Angeles University Foundation 20,15,000
Our Lady of Fatima University 23,14,000
AMA School of Medicine, Makati Campus, Manila- MD Course 11,87,500
University of Perpetual Help- MD Course 14,37,500
Bicol Christian College of Medicine 5.5 year Course 11,25,000 (2017 Fees)
Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine 5.5 year Course 18,93,750 (2017 Fees)
Medical School Foundation
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