For international students from all over the world, Germany is one of most desired place to study. Germany has gained a lot of attraction among international students when it comes to high-quality education. Many universities such as Freiburg University (founded in 1457), Heidelberg University founded in 1386 and know as Universitat Heidelberg, Ruprecht Karls, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and Munich Technical University known as Technische Universitat Munchen in Leipzig are very renowned and considered amongst the best universities in worldwide. The majority of Germany’s universities are public universities and this is why the tuition fees are considerably very less.

For doctors in India, after the completion of their MBBS degree, it’s a topic of a dilemma if they consider doing their post-graduate medicine courses from India. PG admission for doctors in India is very difficult. Getting the admission through the highly competitive AIPGMEE exam is an extremely difficult situation for Indian students. The number of government seats for the doctors are very less in number for each of the specializations and the top most students only are able to get their desired seats. The total number of seats in government medical colleges for PG level is only 6,000 out of which 50% are in the reserved category. The number of students who qualify the MBBS in India every year is over 35,000 while the number of students applying AIPGMEE has increased from 64,000 to more than 1, 50,000 from 2011 to 2017 respectively. This involves only 3 percent of the applicant obtain their medical seats for PG in government medical colleges. This 3 percent also categorised in around 48 specialities, several students are not able to get their preferred specialization and have to compromise and get the vacant seat which is provided to them as per the availability. In this competitive exam route, the next level of problem is created due to the other 6,000 seats are private medical seats with huge caption fees. For this reason, many of our doctors prefer doing their Post Graduation from abroad.

Despite the USA, medical education in Germany is among the most popular destinations for Indian doctors to accomplish their medical PG degree. Indian doctors prefer medical PG in Germany. They find it most suitable option for them to pursue post graduation in Germany. German medical education offers a wide variety of programs to international students. Free MBBS & PG study in Germany and medical schools in Germany in English are some of the examples of German education diversity.

The German medical education system is acclaimed to be the most prestigious and finest medical educational system in the entire world. The standard of education in German Medical Universities is at par with those in the US and UK. In fact, German medical colleges list of top 100 medical colleges across the globe. With regards to infrastructure and centres, German clinical schools can be compared with top medical institutes in India like AIIMS. The satisfactory component is that analyzing in those faculties doesn’t pinch the pockets of a pupil from a middle-magnificence history because the rate charged through German universities is freed from fee. Each German scientific college has its personal hospitals and other states of the art facilities that are plenty better than Indian opposite numbers.


The first-class cause to pursue post commencement in Germany is its best of schooling. Aspiring Indian clinical students can look ahead towards reading great and clinical programs in Germany. There may be No front check in Germany, as in there may be no entrance test to get admission in the German scientific schooling software. The total length of the publish-commencement scientific software in Germany is two years. These courses provide Internships for the students.

The internship program in Germany allows students to earn good amount of money. Another good reason to opt PG in Germany is that the Universities add the latest curriculum to the courses.

German medical universities maintain their curriculum updates according to the latest developments in the medical industry. Hence medical students registered in German PG programs get additional practical experience than involving in the theory.

During the syllabus, the medical students get appropriate exposure and get immediate placement after finishing the courses. In fact, there are a lot of possibilities of getting placement in Germany. After completing the post- graduation degree, Germany permits overseas students to stay and practice for more than 2 years and to move to another European country for practising medicine. The degree program awarded by German medical universities is recognized throughout the globe. There are a lot of multiple research projects in Germany to work upon.

Germany has a reputation for providing quality education and this is why it invites students seeking higher education across the globe every year to get admission in its Post-Graduation MBBS programs. APost graduation degree in Medicine from Germany can provides you an advantage over other equivalents as the higher education degrees in Germany are approved by the WHO, the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) of AMEE and FAIMER.



Pursuing your post graduation from Germany has a lot of benefits compared to other countries. Following are the advantages you will gain if you consider doing your PG in MBBS from Germany

  • Germany has a unique structure in Healthcare system. It is very much oriented to provide the highest quality of care to the patients in all the possible ways. There are different types of hospitals which are located and planned very conveniently in all the regions that patients receive the needed quality treatment within no time. High level of care in the treatment is achieved by use of the latest medical diagnostics and therapy options.
  • There is NO tuition fee in Germany for Post-grad programs and instead, the students earn a very good amount of stipend throughout the studies
  • Residency in Germany is not a conventional PG program. It is a hands-on on the job training program under Experienced and certified physicians in Government as well as private hospitals.
  • At present, there are plenty of opportunities for you to enter into a post-grad program in Germany since there is a shortage of Doctors and relatively less competition than other developed countries.
  • Undoubtedly German qualifications and specialization degrees (known as ‘Facharzt’ in Germany) have an excellent reputation worldwide.


If you are looking to apply in Germany to pursue your post graduation medical degree, then we have got you covered. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process without any trouble. This is your chance to study Post Graduation in Germany from one of the best Medical Universities at very reasonable prices. Let us tell you about the entire admission process.

  1. Have educational documents and transcriptional of records certified
  2. Send documents to university’s admission office
  3. University send documents for recognition
  4. Recognition takes almost 1 month time
  5. If educational documents are recognised, official university Invitation letter will be sent to the student
  6. Student accepts Invitation letter
  7. University informs about residence permit (RP) application process
  8. University sends a call number to apply for RP
  9. Students submit documents for RP at Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany
  10. Documents should be submitted only at Embassy Germany in New Delhi. ( No. 6/50G, Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021.


  • You should start applying at least 3 months before your degree program starts
  • You need to secure the amount of minimum funds (720 EUR) multiplied by the amount of months you will stay, on a German bank account, from which you can access 720 EUR per month.
  • You will have to attend a visa interview during the application process.
  • You can schedule an appointment for a German embassy or consulate in India (online or by phone) through the visa application centre. You can then go there for the interview and to have your biometrics collected.

To prove that you have the required amount of funds to study MBBS in Germany, you will have to deposit a security amount into blocked account, you cannot withdraw this money after you arrive in Germany.
Do not apply for Schengen Visa if you are planning to study in Germany for more than 3 months. You should apply for National Visa which is for study purposes.

Also, a student has to apply for RP (*Resident permit) after the arrival in Germany.


These are the necessary documents needed for the visa to study PG in medical from Germany:

  • A legitimate travel report/identification (At minimum 3 months up to its lapse date)
  • A Documentation to demonstrate your plan to stay in Europe: You may exhibit the accompanying as a proof of methods for subsistence: trade out convertible money, explorer checks, chequebooks for a remote cash account, charge cards or whatever other implies that ensures subsidizes in hard cash.
  • Confirmation with respect to your convenience: This isn’t really required in the event that the students demonstrate that he/she will have adequate assets to keep up themselves amid their stay in the remote Schengen nation.
  • Two current international ID estimated photographs (Appropriate for the assigned government office/department)
  • Travel schedule
  • Medical/travel protection legitimate for your whole remain in the Schengen nation
  • Letter of acknowledgement from your college
  • A bank receipt to demonstrate you have paid the handling charge


Once you arrive in Germany, you have to register with the office of Green Card Registration within 2 weeks of arrival. It is necessary for a student to apply for the residence permit for study reasons. Documents to be submitted are similar to what all documents are required for a visa

  • Proof of health insurance
  • Invitation letter of the university
  • Sufficient funds proof
  • Valid passport
  • Student visa
  • Agreement of tenancy
  • Passport size photographs
  • Fee to attain residence permit

The residence permit is a record offering a citizen of other country the rights to live in Germany for a specific time period or full-time residence permit. It is vital in case you are inclined to live in Germany for a specific time exceeding ninety days (greater than three months) inside half of a 12 months counting from the primary day of entering in Germany.


To pursue your Post Graduation in Germany you may have to learn German in order to work there as an intern or full-time doctor. Not many websites disclose the exact information regarding this but will provide all the necessary information here. Following are the steps for this process –
The German language is divided into 6 parts.
A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2


If you want to practice or pursue medical in Germany then you at least have to learn the B2 level of the German language as it is mandatory there. The learning duration from A1 to B2 is generally 6 to 10 months. You can pursue the German language course at Goethe Institut. Certificate from Goethe Institut is standard and recognised all over Germany (You can Google about the institution to find out the course dates and exam schedule)


After passing minimum level of B2 level
1. Apply for Job Seeker Visa at German Embassy
1. Apply for Hospitation (Observership) at German hospitals
1. Take admission in a Medical German Course in Germany and get Student visa


After arriving in Germany:

  • Keep applying to all the hospitals through Email and through Posts till you get a positive response
  • Prepare for the interview, attend the interview and ace the interview to get the job.
  • After getting the Appointment Letter
  • Apply to Aerztekammer (Medical Council) for a Temporary License to work as a doctor.


ECTS is a credit framework intended to make it less demanding for students to move between various nations. Since they depend on the learning accomplishments and workload of an MBBS course, a student can exchange their ECTS credits starting with one college then onto the next so they are meant to add to a person’s degree program or preparing.

ECTS makes adapting more students eccentric. It is a focal apparatus in the Bologna Process, which means to make National frameworks better.

ECTS likewise assists with the arranging, conveyance and assessment of study projects, and makes them more straightforward.


ECTS credits signify the load or stress of courses of study and elaborate the learning results (“what the MBBS graduate understands and is capable to perform”) of a given MBBS program. If an MBBS student acquires 60 credits then it is equivalent to the complete year of work. In an average medical year, 60 credits usually divided into smaller modules.
A classic “first cycle” (or MBBS) Degree, contains 180 – 240 credits, whereas a Master’s (MD/MS) Degree, contains of 90 – 120 credits, having minimum 60 credits at master’s degree. The importance of ECTS at the PhD level differs. ECTS is famous and accepted in several countries in the European Union for higher education, whereas, (EHEA), and is progressively used other countries.


  • If the students have any doubts about the course or the university, we provide immediate support via phone, email, and visits.
  • We help the students in choosing the right course in the right university.
  • We provide support in filling up the admission form with proper documentation.
  • We provide support in forwarding the form to the concerned university and keep the student in the loop with the replies that the university has provided.
  • We receive the offer letter from the university on the behalf of the student making it an even easier process for the student.
  • We provide assistance in applying for the educational loan.
  • We help in filing for the visa and provide support for getting the visa.
  • We provide airport pick and drop facility in India as well as in Germany via our representatives from the university.
  • We arrange for the accommodation in the university.
  • We provide assistance in the medical test required by the university on arrival of the student.
  • We help in getting the student ID card, opening a bank account and settling down.
  • We provide assistance in arranging rooms for female students separately.
  • We provide visa renewal support as well.
  • We provide assistance in arranging flights to home country for the holidays.

If you are a prospective student seeking admission in top medical universities for PG in Germany or MBBS in other foreign countries and belong to countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Malaysia, Israel, Namibia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, other Arab Countries, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, and Ethiopia along with Turkey, Singapore, Zambia, South Africa, other African Countries, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe then feel free to get in touch with us to clear all your doubts. We at, focus on being your trusted ally for all your admission related queries on pursuing a PG degree in Germany or Abroad.

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